All are Created in the Image and Likeness of God

Today people from all over the country will be traveling to Washington to participate in the March for Life.Remember the days when people went to Anti-abortion protests knowing there was a real possibility they would be arrested? And many found that the time they spent in jail, even just overnight, was a nightmare of terror and abuse. Bishops, Priests, religious men and women and hundreds of lay persons all put their human dignity on the line to fight for the human dignity of the unborn.  There may have been few visible results from such incidents, but we just won’t know this side of Heaven how the courage of those individuals, thousands of  them, must have borne fruit that was unseen. No suffering borne in love is without effect.

Over the last forty years we have come to see that awareness of the evil of abortion can be enhanced by peaceful prayer and quiet presence during the Forty Days for Life and similar vigils. But this annual March for Life is a time for convinced Christians–and others– to take a more public stand right at the center of American political life. Our prayer today might be that all those traveling will be assisted by protecting angels and that the persons directly involved in the March will be treated with respect. May their voices be heard by those who are in a position to change laws. And may the sacrifices being made by all who will be gathering in Washington be so blessed by our Creator that small and precious lives will be saved, and our country will come to realize that every human life is given to us that we may be faithful stewards. For all are created in the image and likeness of God.

May the flame of truth and justice which will burn brightly in the cold Washington winds tomorrow, ignite a new era in American culture so that our most vulnerable will be protected from the hands of those who feel they have the right to take an “inconvenient” life. Finally, may we each whisper a prayer for the mother who gave us life, often at great sacrifice.
God bless America.
In Him alone,
Mother Marie Julie

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