When the Lord calls, He also provides the necessary strength and grace to answer His call.

During these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many things are uncertain. But one thing is certain: God still calls souls to union with Him. This  invitation looks different for each soul, but for some, it comes in the form of a call to the consecrated life. This journey, like much of life, is often circuitous; but when a soul responds with a humble Fiat as Mary did, ‘Let it be done according to Your word,’ the path reaches its goal in what is called Perpetual Profession. In a public celebration of the Rite of Religious Profession, the one called offers a total gift of self to the One who gives Himself in unconditional, uncompromising Love.

On August 18, the chapel at Holy Family Motherhouse in Baltic was the place of this wondrous moment for two young women invited by Jesus to live a life of religious consecration as Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church. Celebrants of the Mass of Profession were Reverend Michael Bovino, priest of the Diocese of Norwich and Reverend Jacinto Mary, Friar of the Immaculate from the Franciscan Friary in Griswold.

During the celebration of Mass Sister Marie Alexandria, a native of Roscoe, Illinois, professed Perpetual Vows of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience and promised to practice the works of Charity (a fourth vow) in a spirit of heartfelt simplicity. For the past six years Sister has been in the formation program of the Sisters of Charity, studying the history of the Community, learning the meaning of the vows as lived in this world at this moment in time, while opening her soul to profound prayer in order to grow grace for grace in union with her Divine Bridegroom. She has also been studying for the degree that will enable her to serve in the Community’s ministries. Sister first met the Sisters in Janesville, Wisconsin when she worked in St. Elizabeth Home, an apostolate of healthcare of the congregation.

Sister Veronica Rose, a native of Tolland, Connecticut, was a student at the  University of Connecticut when she discerned the Voice of God inviting her to a life of total self-giving for the People of God. She entered the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church in 2017. By her profession of Temporary Vows on August 18, a requisite step toward Perpetual Profession, Sister continues her formation in religious life and awaits the day of her complete and irrevocable commitment to God in love. 

The two-fold gift of these two Sisters to God and to the Church was accompanied by the celebration of two other young  women, Sister Mary Philip Reynette Tamani and Sister Mary Sophia Cawley, who entered the novitiate in 2018 and 2019, respectively, and who progressed to the next steps toward their perpetual consecration to God. The Sisters of Charity rejoice in the faithful response of these four Sisters, and we humbly ask the prayers of the People of God of the Diocese of Norwich for their perseverance in grace. 

Congratulations, Brother Jean!

Brother Jean won the statue of Our Lady of Fatima! He has been a Franciscan Brother since 1983. His undergraduate degree is from Villanova University in Church history. “For many years I have served as a job coach among the poor and marginalized, working most of those years in the Boston area. I have been making rosaries for over forty years. Making our Lady better known and her Son better loved has been my life’s work.”

Chapel Painting Complete!

The painting of the Motherhouse Chapel is complete! It took so much time and talent to prepare for the actual painting, then the walls and ceiling were painted… and finally, the decorative beautification took place. We are so pleased with the outcome of the beautification of our chapel and we very much look forward to worshiping God in this sacred place again. 

The Painting Has Begun!

An amazing scaffolding structure has been built to reach our 25 foot ceiling in the Motherhouse Chapel! The first group of carpenters and painters began their work on April 3. They completed their portion of the project on April 17. There was much to be done in preparation for actually painting the chapel. Enjoy the creativity of the scaffolding and what a beautiful difference the first group of artist have already accomplished. Thank you for all of your support in this endeavor! 

Scaffolding & Preparation


Painting Phase One



Prayer for Protection

O Gracious Virgin Mary, we fly to your motherly embrace for protection.

Help us in our needs

and shield us from danger.

Guide our steps, O holy Mother of God, for you alone are glorious and most blessed among all God’s children.

Intercede for us with our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son and Our Savior. Amen.

Chapel Renovations Underway Soon!

Beloved Friends and Family,

One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.   Psalm 27:4

So often in the psalms we speak of the beauty of the Lord, of beholding the face of God and of dwelling with Him in His holy temple. This is what we are called to every day – to live in the presence of God. Christ did not leave us in the Resurrection. He abides in every heart that has sanctifying grace and He is in our tabernacles waiting for us. Your generosity will help to build up His dwelling among us. Thank you.

On June 4, 2020 our Sisters will be celebrating the Golden Jubilee of our founding as an American Congregation. We hope to refurbish our Holy Family Chapel as part of and for the celebrations. Your generous gift in honor of our Jubilee will help make this possible. By the time you receive this note, the work will have begun. We will send you photos in our Spring Newsletter.

We know that you have your own needs during these difficult economic times, yet you choose to stand with us. Your generosity, as always, deeply touches the hearts of all our Sisters. We continue to remember you in our daily prayers. God bless you for your faithful goodness and kindness to us!

Click Here to Make a Donation 

Congratulations, Sisters!

On August 8th, after their annual eight-day silent retreat, our Novitiate Sisters took their next step in formation! Sister Veronica Rose and Sister Philomena received the black veil and scapular and became Apostolic Novices and Sister Philip Reynette received the SCMC habit and became a Canonical Novice. The Apostolic Novices will be continuing their formation while preparing for their Apostolate and the Canonical Novice will be focusing on her interior prayer life. May the Good Lord continue to inspire these young Sisters and guide them towards a life of grace and joy in the hopes that one day, they may vow themselves to their Bridegroom for all Eternity!


Nazareth Building Complete!

All of you know how dear to our hearts the elderly Sisters of our Community are. We are always seeking ways to improve the experience of aging for them, for they have served so faithfully in the apostolates of teaching, health care, social service and domestic work in our convents. Now they serve through the ministry of suffering, and they bring countless blessings upon the Church, our Congregation and the people whom the active Sisters serve
each day. Their prayers also follow you, our generous friends, as they are pleased to support you through the Masses, rosaries, sacrifices, holy hours,  and their personal, fervent prayers of each day. Because of their increasing needs, we felt the pressing importance of expanding and renewing the  common gathering space in our small health center.

We turned to our benefactors for help in building this addition which involved a great deal of very expensive excavation since the center is built into a hill behind our Motherhouse. It took very much longer than we hoped — a full year of designing, drilling, digging, carting, building, inspections, and, finally, decorating. But our new space, called Nazareth, is now complete! We also included an area for therapy, much needed by the wonderful
professionals who assist our Sisters after surgeries or illnesses. But from day to day, the Sisters love to gather there, to watch EWTN or Bishop Barron’s DVD’s on the big screen television, listen to music, nap, pray together or simply sit before the fire and reflect. It has become an immense blessing for our elder Sisters. Sister Bernadette says, ”I think I might forget to go to meals, it’s so beautiful here!” And Sister Daniel: “This is just the BEST!”

More Pictures of the Renovations!

Praise God for the warmer weather that has allowed the workmen to make progress on the Perpetual Help Center addition for our elderly Sisters. Thank you for your contribution through your prayers and financial support. We offer you our prayers and sacrifices in return for your great love. 

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