Update on the PHC and Novitiate Roof

We are so very grateful to all who have helped contribute to the new roof for the young sisters and to the renovations in the living area for our dear elderly sisters by your prayers and donations. The contractors will be coming soon to look at the situation with the novitiate roof. We hope to be finished with this project before the cold weather comes. The workmen are currently in the process of renovating the old building of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Center. Much has been done in the last month. Praise God for the warmer weather so that the work can progress. We thank you for your support and we promise you our prayers and sacrifices. Please check back here for updates on the renovations!



Entrance Day for Postulants!

On the Nativity of our Blessed Mother, we celebrated the reception of our postulants: Sister M. Veronica Rose and Sister M. Philomena. These two candidates are both from New England and had many opportunities to participate in community events even before their entrance.We thank God for the gift of their vocations and for their families to with faith offer their daughters back to the Father. Please pray for them as they begin their journey with the Lord.      


Final Renovations of the Holy Family Food Pantry

We thank our benefactors for their great generosity!! We couldn’t have done it without their prayers and financial support. We thank the many workers and volunteers that helped with the physical labor!! We are still looking to do more with renovating the outside of the area: the driveway to the pantry will be new and the lawn landscaped. It was such a joy to turn our pantry into a clean and welcoming space to visit with our families that come to shop for food. 

Congratulations to our Jubilarians!!

On June 19th the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church celebrated with our three Jubilarians. We congratulate Mother M. David and Sister Joan Marie on their dedication to the Lord as Sisters of Charity for 50 years!! May the Lord continue to be your strength. We also congratulate Sister Mary Grace on celebrating 25 years of consecration to the Religious Life. 

We began our festive day with Holy Mass. We are so grateful to the five priests who con-celebrated at Mass. After a beautiful and uplifting Eucharistic Feast we shared a meal together with all of the Sisters. The day continued with songs, memories and laughter. What a gift to the Lord ~ 125 years of love and service!


Food Pantry Renovations!

Our Holy Family Food Pantry is undergoing major renovations ~ thanks to our generous benefactors! Through their support of this ministry to the poor we are able to provide a more welcoming atmosphere, worthy of their dignity. The Sisters serving in this ministry are overjoyed to see this process taking place now! Here are the pictures “before” and during the work as we are making the renovations. Please come back to see the “after” pictures as well. 

Old freezer and tables

Old shelving units

Old garage door 

Old walk-in-cooler, used as a storage closet

World Day of the Sick

On this celebration of the World Day of the Sick we held a prayer service for our sick and elderly Sisters. We prayed to the Blessed Virgin and implored her to heal those of our family, friends and benefactors who experience sickness. 

“On 11 February next, the Twenty-fifth World Day of the Sick will be celebrated throughout the Church and in a special way at Lourdes.  The theme of this year’s celebration is “Amazement at what God has accomplished: ‘The Almighty has done great things for me….’” (Lk 1:49).  Instituted by my predecessor Saint John Paul II in 1992, and first celebrated at Lourdes on 11 February 1993, this Day is an opportunity to reflect in particular on the needs of the sick and, more generally, of all those who suffer.  It is also an occasion for those who generously assist the sick, beginning with family members, health workers and volunteers, to give thanks for their God-given vocation of accompanying our infirm brothers and sisters.” Pope Francis



Congratulations Sister Therese Maria!

May God bless you Sister Therese Maria on your entrance into the Postulancy! 

Sister Therese Maria has always had a strong devotion to Saint Therese of Lisieux and shares similarities with her spirit and life. Sister was inspired by many close family members and friends to deepen her relationship with Christ. After watching the Sisters of Charity Documentary, Sister Therese Maria visited the Sisters of Charity and felt God calling her to join. 

We rejoice in the gift of your vocation. May Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception be your model of one whose life was totally given to Jesus Christ in chastity, poverty and obedience.

Golden and Silver Jubilees

The celebration of Sister Monica Mary and Mother Christina’s Jubilees was wonderful! It was a day filled with the joy and beauty of religious life. We had the celebration of the Mass followed by a meal. Both Sisters expressed their deep love for their vocation and thank God for His merciful love. May their lives bear witness to the love, joy and peace of Christ.


Relics of the Passion

On Sunday, March 7th, Ms. Denise Serafini presented a program entitled “The Relics of the Passion.” It was comprised of three parts; namely, meditations, choral selections and veneration of the relics. The program was very beautiful. The meditations showed how much Christ suffered for love of us. The choral selections added charm and majesty to the program. Many of the meditations captured our inner being. It was all so lovely; our attention was fixed on the passion account. the chapel was filled with Sisters and lay people. The entire program left us in awe and wonder at the majesty and strength our our God, and the love Jesus has for each of us. To learn more about the relics please visit their website. 

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