Congratulations, Sisters!

On August 8th, after their annual eight-day silent retreat, our Novitiate Sisters took their next step in formation! Sister Veronica Rose and Sister Philomena received the black veil and scapular and became Apostolic Novices and Sister Philip Reynette received the SCMC habit and became a Canonical Novice. The Apostolic Novices will be continuing their formation while preparing for their Apostolate and the Canonical Novice will be focusing on her interior prayer life. May the Good Lord continue to inspire these young Sisters and guide them towards a life of grace and joy in the hopes that one day, they may vow themselves to their Bridegroom for all Eternity!


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  • Maria Chico April 1, 2020   Reply →

    Bellisimo! I pray and hope that the good Lord Jesus and Mother Mary msy continue to bless your community with peace, love and joy. Congratulations to Sister Philipp Reynette. I wish her all the best. May she keep on serving God and persevere with a humble heart forever.

    Please include me and my family in yoir daily prayer for increase of faith and never lose hope. And for world peace. Lastly for physical and spiritual healing to all COVID 19 patients, doctors and nurses in the service. Thanksgiving to All who have been healed by the grace and compassionate Lord Jesus. : )

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