…attach great importance to the community prayers and exercises, because they are more meritorious than any others since they are prescribed by your Holy Rule… and therefore, they are at the same time an act of obedience. ~ Monsignor Zwijsen


5:20 Rise
5:55 Angelus and Morning Prayer followed by community devotional prayers
6:15 Mass
6:45 Meditation
7:20 Breakfast (meals are always followed by dishes)
8:00 Private prayer, Apostolates and Community Responsibilities
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Private prayer, Apostolates and Community Responsibilities
3:00 - 4:00 Recreation
4:00 Private prayer, Apostolates and Community Responsibilities
4:30 Adoration
5:00 Rosary, Evening Prayer, community devotional prayers (adoration throughout)
5:45 Supper
7:15 Night Prayer
7:30-8:30 Recreation
8:30 Private prayer, Apostolates and Community Responsibilities
10:00 Grand Silence (latest to bed for the Novitiate)
10:30 Lights out
This schedule pertains to the Holy Family Motherhouse. Other local houses may have slight variations of this schedule due to Mass times and other needs of the apostolate.

SilenceOne of the most important aspects of consecrated life lived in community is silenceIn a world such as ours, noise is a fact of life.  In order to cultivate that personal union with God, which is so necessary for the religious in the pursuit of the virtues, silence is kept in our convents at various periods of time during the day.  There are also days in which silence is kept at meals or between meals.  Most founders and foundresses of religious congregations build into their Rules of Life a healthy balance of recreation and silence in order to promote a spirit of charity and prayer throughout the day.  Our congregation is no exception.  Once a month, the Sisters of Charity have a day of recollection during which there is complete silence the entire day, giving the Sisters the opportunity to step away from their apostolates and re-collect the fire within to be better prepared to do the will of God wherever and to whomever they are sent.  In addition, the Sisters take a full eight days out of the year for a spiritual renewal retreat during which silence is kept for the sake of further developing that personal union with God in order to be an effective witness to the beauty of religion.  The more one’s union with God deepens, the more the religious welcomes and embraces these times of silence when she can speak and listen exclusively to her divine Spouse.

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