We are created in love and for love to serve others in this life.  Our vision of faith recognizes the reality of the Mystical Body of which we are all members in Christ.   In the spirit of Saint Vincent de Paul, Apostle of charity and our patron of the works of charity, we serve the needy among us with whom we are to journey in charity.  In the poor whom we serve, we see and know the crucified, suffering Christ.  We see in these members the need for food, clothing and shelter.  We serve these poor in many ways.  Our food pantry aids hundreds of families a month by providing food and donations of clothing.  In faith and charity we continue to ask the Lord, through the intercession of St. Vincent de Paul, to bless these works of charity that directly impact the needy members of the Mystical Body of Christ in a way that shows the care and concern of the Master.

We must love our neighbor as being made in the image of God and as an object of His love. ~ St. Vincent de Paul

The Holy Family Food Pantry is located in the Motherhouse in Baltic, CT. We welcome any nonperishable food items and frozen meat to allow our pantry to continue to help the poor.

Please contact the Motherhouse for assistance: 860-822-8241

The Food Pantry is able to remain open at this time! 

A few things you need to know:

* The Holy Family Food Pantry is reserved for the Residents of Sprague, CT

    If you are a Connecticut resident (not of Sprague), and are in need of food assistance, please see the listings for the New London County‚Äôs Community Meal Sites and Emergency Food Pantries.

* All food pick-ups are by appointment ONLY. 

     In order to comply with all guidance given in regard to the Coronavirus pandemic and physical distancing, we must schedule individual appointments for patrons.  This is non-negotiable.  Please call 860-822-8241 for assistance.

* Only 1 person/family in the driveway at a time

     If you arrive for your appointment and you see that there is someone else in the driveway, please wait in your car until they have left.  If you see the Sister in the driveway bringing out your food, please also wait a moment until she has made it back to the doorway of the Holy Family Food Pantry.

* Please keep contact information current

     After your first visit to Holy Family Food Pantry, the Sisters are now contacting you each week to take your order prior to your scheduled appointment.  Please contact the Sisters at: 860-822-8241 if your telephone number has changed or if for any reason you have not spoken with a Sister about your order by the evening before your appointment.

* Yes, you have a choice!

     Each week, a Sister will call you to take your order.  She will make known to you what items are available and at what quantities.  You then have the choice of which items to choose and how many.  The Sisters will then take your order slip and package it preparation for pick-up at the scheduled time.

* Thank you for reaching out

     We are so blessed as to be able to assist you in any way that we can.  Thank you for reaching out to our Sisters and allowing us to do so.  Times can be challenging, especially right now.  Know that you are not alone.  We are here for you and praying for you.  May you find peace and strength in these troubled times.  God bless you!


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