Final Renovations of the Holy Family Food Pantry

We thank our benefactors for their great generosity!! We couldn’t have done it without their prayers and financial support. We thank the many workers and volunteers that helped with the physical labor!! We are still looking to do more with renovating the outside of the area: the driveway to the pantry will be new and the lawn landscaped. It was such a joy to turn our pantry into a clean and welcoming space to visit with our families that come to shop for food. 

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  • Kimberly LaPorte April 28, 2018   Reply →

    What are your food pantry hours? Is it by appointment? Thank you.

    • Sisters of Charity July 6, 2018   Reply →

      Our food pantry is open to the residents in the town of Sprague: Tuesdays from 3-4. On occasion if people are not able to be there at that time because of work or personal matters we will reschedule for them. God bless you.

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