Nourishing the Faith & Promoting Effective Integration

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that the Hispanic/Latino presence, now 47 million strong, will surpass 132 million by 2030 and that presently 40% of all Catholics in the U.S. are Hispanic. This would seem to indicate that the very future of the Catholic Church in the United States depends upon effective ministry for and with Hispanic/Latino Catholics.

Our Congregation was founded to teach the young and to care for the aged, however our wise founder also stipulated that his Sisters should be attentive to the needs of the Church and respond to those needs as possible. Ministry for and with our Hispanic/Latino Brothers and Sisters is certainly one such need. The primary purpose of this Ministry is to nourish the faith of the people within the context of their cultural values and religious traditions. It also strives to promote effective integration into the mainstream of their parishes and society while respecting and valuing the cultural differences of each group.

Hispanic Apostolate Office
61 Club Road
Windham, CT 06280
Phone: 860-456-3349
Fax: 860-423-4157

Sister Mary Jude, Diocesan Director

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