• Zeny P. Abbariao October 29, 2019   Reply →

    I received “ my treasured catholic prayers” booklet. I love the prayers in it I wonder how I can order some to share to my friends. I started wearing the miraculous medal and only take it off when I bathe. I also ordered 3 dozens of the medal through Autom And distributed to friends. April 7, 1978, I gave birth to a baby girl who was diagnosed with Trisonomy 18, rare genetical problem with all major organs undeveloped. I entrusted her to our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, the medal pinned in her bassinet and instructed the not to take it off. She never left the NICU, she only lived for 58 days. Her headstone is the Miraculous Medal.

  • Patty edwards December 3, 2019   Reply →

    I want to be able to. Help financially. However there are so many websites that are not real and take advantage of people. I would prefer you send me something through the mail. Nuns have been a big part of my life as a child.

  • Dolores DiPrete December 20, 2019   Reply →

    Merry Christmas to al from Dolores DiPrete

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