Recognizing the Lord

I couldn’t help marveling this morning at the faith of Anna and Simeon, who immediately recognized their Lord and God when He appeared as a 40 day old infant in the Temple.

Methinks that that kind of vision comes from a lifetime of gazing on the Lord in prayer. I wonder how many babies were brought into the Temple in the days of Anna and Simeon–probably a good number. And the Scriptures don’t say they ever thought any other baby was the Messiah. Hmmm. How wonderful it would be to be able to see the Face of Jesus when He comes to us. In Holy Communion, of course, but also in so many other ways in the course of the day.

If we can find the time to gaze on the Lord each day in prayer, really gaze, I mean, then I believe we will recognize Him when He reveals Himself to us: in the “distressing guise of the poor” (Mother Teresa), in the person who comes to us hoping for a listening heart, in the assignments we receive, in the crosses that come our way and the challenges of charity that present themselves to us. Then, when we come to the end of our day we can pray with Simeon, Lord, now you let your servant go in peace.

I wish for you that clarity of vision, and the peace to gaze on Him each day–knowing that when He gazes back at you, He looks at you with love (Mk 10:21).

Blessed Feast to you, and cherish this Day of Consecrated Life.

With a loving heart,

Mother Marie Julie


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  • Laurie March 10, 2013   Reply →

    Beautifully written with the vision of God to be felt in our hearts and mind.

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