For one called by Christ accepting this invitation to become a Bride of Christ demands a total self-surrender to God and to all that He wills for her daily. This total gift of self embraces Christ’s twofold mission of love: love of God and love of neighbor. Just as the love of a spouse would prompt him/her to follow the beloved to the four corners of the world, so too will a religious leave her family in pursuit of a greater love as a Bride of Christ. She does so to seek a greater degree of holiness in this total giving of self to her Divine Bridegroom.

From all eternity God has chosen in a special way those He wants to be His own. There is no set time as to when He will extend this invitation. Some are called at a very young age. The Lord speaks to the hearts of others in their high school or college years. Still others are invited at an even later time.

We welcome vocation inquiries from single, Catholic women who are in good physical and mental health. The women who enter the community have completed at least their high school education, and are in the age range of 18-35.

Mary, the handmaiden of the Lord, exemplifies the qualities of the true religious. She is our guide, our encouragement and our support. She is always there to remind us of the unconditional love by which God loves us, guiding us to accept and embrace the true meaning of her words, “Be it done unto me according to Thy will,” in our lives. ~ Holy Rule

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